Is Your Lifestyle Causing You Anxiety?

Lifestyle Anxiety

The difference between Lifestyle Anxiety, and Social Anxiety/Phobia is the severity of your symptoms.  Many people experience controlling levels of stress and anxiety that is causing their life to be miserable, but they aren’t at the level of what you would consider Dis-order or Phobic, they are more something that you feel you have to […]

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Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety Counselling

If you are ready to overcome panic attacks we have a little three step approach which may be of help in overcoming those horrible sensations associated with anxiety and panic attacks. For those of you that have regular panic attacks you will be aware that it can be a very frightening experience which can onset […]

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How To Make Your Family Stronger

Family Issues & Parenting

Why do some families fall apart when faced with adversity, while others thrive and become stronger? This is an exploration of the qualities of those resilient families. It is also a framework for families to establish and maintain these strengths and avoid the need for relationship & marriage counselling. Several qualities have been identified as […]

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness Therapy

Our human ability to think is both a gift and a plague. A gift when it enables us to create healing medicines or grow food more efficiently and feed those that are hungry. A plague when our ability to think leads to thoughts that we accept as rigid inflexible facts, expectations or predictions about the […]

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What Are Your Defense Mechanisms?

Psychological Defense Mechanisms

Defenses are what we use to defend ourselves from any thing, which frightens us or challenges our sense of control. We all use them, and if we didn’t, we would be entirely vulnerable to any person, place or thing, which happened to come our way. However, too much of a good thing becomes a problem […]

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A Story of Addiction & Relapse

Addiction Therapy

Although I’ve come to accept that relapse has been an integral part of my recovery, it certainly never had to be. From the first time I walked into an AA meeting in 1983, I’ve battled pride, fear and denial in varying degrees. Though I’ve not wanted to admit it, certainly not at the time I […]

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Helpful Stress Management Strategies

Stress Management

What is your reaction when you are stuck in traffic… on hold forever… thrown into another rush project that was due yesterday… or faced with irrational behavior? Just like many people, you become angry, fidget and even mutter under your breath. Some themselves into a full-blown fit of anger. More than 75% of doctor visits […]

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