Lifestyle Anxiety

The difference between Lifestyle Anxiety, and Social Anxiety/Phobia is the severity of your symptoms.  Many people experience controlling levels of stress and anxiety that is causing their life to be miserable, but they aren’t at the level of what you would consider Dis-order or Phobic, they are more something that you feel you have to either deal with or push through.

In todays Society of high interest rates, high petrol prices, mortgages that are approaching insane levels and the demands of both parents working whilst trying to raise children and afford day care, lifestyle anxiety has become exactly that, a way of life.  But at what cost; according to the bureua of statistics, a staggering 90% of all G.P visits are due to stress related causes.

Lifestyle Anxiety is simply stress and anxiety that have gone beyond what could be called healthy levels, and is now causing you..

  • Constant Worry
  • Sleepless nights
  • Bouts of Mild Depression
  • Negative thoughts and evaluations of yourself
  • Fear of moving forward, change or even success, either in your personal life or your career
  • Feeling intimidated by others, especially authority figures.

What toll is this common form of stress and anxiety having on your health, lifestyle and personality.
Some common examples of lifestyle anxiety are:

  • Stress about buying a house, bills piling up or mortgages
  • Nervous about business meetings, negotiations.
  • Meeting new parents at your child’s school; or people at a party/dinner
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Nervous before a big occasion eg: sporting event, a play your in, musical recital

Millions of people all over the world suffer needlessly from lifestyle anxiety each and every day.  Their life is literally dictated and controlled by their emotions, rendering them a prisoner of their own mind and body.

The most unfortunate fact about all of this is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Lifestyle Anxiety is very treatable in extremely short time frames, especially compared with how long you have been living with the confronting and negaitve feelings. You can even get anxiety counselling online from several reputable services.

How can it be, that millions of people world wide never experience anxiety to such an extent that it controls them like it does you…

  • Are they better than you are?
  • Do they know something that you don’t?

Of course not, they are absolutely no different to you, they simply use what they have in a way that helps and benefits themselves, their family and their lifestyle.  What they use in this way, is their mind.

Your mind is the key in unlocking your answer and power, specifically doing something new with it, after all what you’re doing at the moment is causing you to feel constant worry, overwhelmed, trapped, anxious and vulnerable, is it not?

You can acheive remarkable success and experiene dramatic improvements in your life.  Address the actual cause of the stress and anxiety, not the numerous reasons ‘WHY’ you have it.  Understanding why, only provides more reasons and justifications to continue doing the problem.  ‘WHY’ questions only lead to more pain!

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