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I live in an area where my daily commute is so stressful that anything I can do to reduce the amount of time I’m spending in traffic is a plus for me.  That being said I’ve been seeing a counsellor for the last 3 months at least once a week.  I’ve been getting online therapy because I really need some depression treatment to get me out of this slump that I’m in.

To be honest most days I wake up and I’m struggling to motivate myself just to get ready for work.  My gut feeling is that my lack of motivation is really related to my level of unhappiness with my life at present.

My counsellor is actually a qualified psychologist and to be fair she’s been very effective at getting me to recognise my own negative behaviours and begin consciously changing them.  She’s been using a mix of mindfulness therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to get me to analyse my own thoughts and actions in a very conscious way.  So the fact that the depression counselling has been working well meant that I didn’t want to stop getting counselling but I wanted to stop loosing 3 hours every time I wanted to see my psychologist.

Online Depression Counselling
Online Depression Counselling

She suggested that we start using online counselling instead of me having to phsyically come to her office.  The result was fantastic.  For our first online counselling session, I got myself ready by making a camomile tea and getting myself comfortable on the couch.  This was much more enjoyable than fighting traffic to getting to my therapist.

She began my online depression counselling session as she usually does when I’m at her office.  She asked me if there were any issues that had affected me since our last therapy session and not long after that we were deep into some of the problems that had been affecting me lately.

I have to admit that i didn’t realise that I was actually thinking in these negative ways until I began to listen to my own thoughts a little more and so the combination of the mindfulness therapy and CBT was really giving me some mental health tools that were actually working.  This was really good news for me because after a lot of research I was very opposed to using any sort of anti-depressant for my depression treatment.

The online counselling session was really good for my depression and a big part of the mindfulness therapy was keeping my attention on the current moment and apparently it was first known as selective attention training.  As I payed attention to the thoughts that were arising I looked at each thought individually and started looking at their cognitive and behavioural causes.

I’ve had 3 online counselling sessions now and I honestly feel like I’m making progress.  Happiness and that light worry free feeling are my goals.  At the same time I don’t want to ignore the journey just because I’m not feeling as good as I possibly could.  I’ve also been ding a lot of ready about the effect of my diet on my depression and I can no longer keep looking at my therapy as separate strategies.  I need to combine my online counselling with a healthy diet of unprocessed foods.

I’m so gratefult that I can get the help I need from my online counsellor/psychologist.  Consider the range of mental health issues that could be helped usiing online counselling. I’m sure that online counselling would be perfect for relationship counselling as well as anxiety counselling and grief counselling.

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