Anxiety Counselling

If you are ready to overcome panic attacks we have a little three step approach which may be of help in overcoming those horrible sensations associated with anxiety and panic attacks. For those of you that have regular panic attacks you will be aware that it can be a very frightening experience which can onset itself any time and any where. The scenario shown in our video clip is not uncommon with up to 1 in 75 adults suffering from general anxiety disorders and panic attacks, but many are too embarrassed to disclose that they do.

We’ve compiled a three step approach towards overcoming panic attack without the need for costly online anxiety therapy & counselling, medication or complete lifestyle changes. These techniques are by no means exhaustive but are completely natural and can help to prevent the onset of panic attacks.

Step 1: It’s good to talk!

Many adults who experience panic attacks do not talk about their fears or anxieties to friends or family simply because they feel that they will not understand the issues surrounding panic attacks.

Just because they cannot understand your fears it doesn’t mean that they will not be willing to listen to your concerns and issues. Talking about your condition will be the first step in overcoming your anxiety attacks and will help others around you to support you in the correct way. Keeping issues to yourself will only increase the chances of further panic attacks, not only will you increase your negative thoughts but you will be keeping friends and family in the dark. So step one is to find a few good listeners and talk to them honestly about your concerns and issues. You ready to move into step two?

Step 2: Let’s get positive!

Did you know that most panic attacks occur because of build up of everyday stresses? The first panic attack can have such a negative impact on your life that it can change daily routines, change your self confidence and basically change the way you lead your life.

Negativity breeds negativity and the more negative you are about your condition the more control it will have over your life. It’s not easy to remain positive when such a life changing event has taken grip of your life, but it can be done…..bit by bit.

Doing activities you enjoy such as sport, hobbies, socialising or even some dancing can help bring some positivity in your life and ease the onset of panic attacks. Surround yourself with family and friends who have a positive frame of mind and will support you during this phase in your life. Negative friends will only bring you down and not help your frame of mind. Keeping positive is the second part of our three step approach!

Step 3: Fight the fear!

So you’ve talked about your issues, you are keeping a positive frame of mind….now what?

Fear……fear drives panic attacks, the fear of when your next one will occur, the fear of where it will occur and the fear of the sensations that it brings. However fear fuels panic attacks and the sooner you are able to control the fear factor the sooner you will overcome panic attacks. Step three is to start overcoming your fear of panic attacks.

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